Meet the team


Martie is a highly energetic guy that loves to talk and work hard towards his goals. He is passiionate and sincere. Martie is also a big fan of joking around and doesn’t take life too seriously. He loves catering and wants everyone to feel welcome in the Café. Martie likes to dream big and put all his effort into the project. Martie is also an all-rounder. Every day, he makes sure Sangha Café is prepared for the day. He organizes the rooms, moves the instruments, and prepares the activities. He talks a lot with the community about new activities and workshops. If you have any feedback for him, he’ll be very happy to hear it, since he wants Sangha Café to be a co-creation of the community. Furthermore, he takes care of social media and works as a caterer.


Miek is a sweet, calm, and caring girl. She loves to be around people and have authentic, peaceful conversations. She is a sensitive and humble girl that cares a lot for the people around her. Miek has a big passion for hospitality and has a lot of talent for the creation and management of clean and effective systems in the kitchen, behind the counter and in the cleaning department. She loves to be active and to work for what she believes in. As the mother and team leader of the company, she feels great responsibility for making sure Sangha Café is well organized and prepared for any scenario. Miek helps a lot behind the counter and also brings structure to it. She is also a very tidy person that knows how to work hard. Besides that she also works in the kitchen, where she bakes healthy vegan snacks like banana bread, cookies and pie.,


Azer, our kitchen prince from Azerbaijan. He came to the Netherlands 11 years ago and progressed a lot in this new culture due to his willpower and willingness to grow. He believes it is his duty in life to serve his people, and he is motivated to work hard for that. Straightforwardness is something that Azer always strives for, this is why you always know where you stand with Azer. He has a big heart for the community and always does his best to help out his fellow brothers and sisters. Azer’s attitude towards life is welcoming and open. He welcomes everyone to the community and will be there for you regardless of your identity. Being a musician as well, he loves to participate in the jam sessions and make some music during his free time. Azer has a passion for life and is wildly enthusiastic about people and their qualities. Cook, baker, handyman, fixer of technical problems. In the kitchen, Azer cooks both for Yamen’s catering company and Yamen’s Cuisine during the day and Sangha Café during the evening. He also bakes his own bread fresh daily. Furthermore, Azer will help if something needs to be built up or fixed.


Yamen is our businessman and manager. He loves entrepreneurship, creating ideas, systems and structures that work. Yamen doesn't hesitate too much, he just does the work. This means that there is not much time spent contemplating or conceptualizing with him. He came to the Netherlands 7 years ago as a refugee and has already built up a lot in this country, amongst others he has integrated into the culture and learnt the language. Yamen is very optimistic and has a lot of fire, he has a nice flow in life and strives to reach his goals with passion. His energy is contagious and works very well for the spirit of the team. As a team, we find Yamen very funny, and he creates good vibes daily. Yamen loves to talk about anything that has to do with vision, creation and work. Together with Azer, he is the Founder of “Stichting de Verbinders” and “Yamen Cuisine”. Both for Stichting de Verbinders, Yamen’s Cuisine and Sangha Café he is the one who does all the business related tasks. Furthermore, he is busy with the expansion and evolution of his projects and ideas. Simultaneously, with a lot of other goals, he would like to create a bridge between the Syrian refugees and the Dutch society.