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Sangha Dance & Soul Experience

February 25 @ 18:00 - February 26 @ 01:00

Are you looking for a party where you can be free in a safe environment! These parties are all about connecting in an easy way and freedom of expression. We host a conscious environment where people look after each-other and have respect towards one another.

This night will be full of delicious food, chill area’s, workshops, activities, mantra singing, amazing people, barefoot dancing with (Ecstatic) DJ’s

The concept will be the same as the Sangha New Years Party! It was a great success and that’s why we will do it again this February

🟢Peace Corner (Chill Room)🟢
🔘(18:00 – 01:00) Food Buffet & Drinks, Carpet, Couch, Beanbags, Blankets, Games

🔴Living Room🔴
🔘Chill Area
🔘(19:30 – 20:00) Live Performance: Mayna
🔘(20:15 – 20:45) Mandinka Percussion (african drums)
🔘(21:30 – 01:00) Barefoot Dance with (Ecstatic) DJ’s ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ The Three Deejays

🟡 The Freedom Hall (Dance Room)🟡
🔘(19:00 – 20:30) Dream-Walkers: Bridging Fantasy & Reality by Joshua Ludy Experiences
🔘(21:00 – 21:30) Movement Flow Dance intro by Sophie
🔘(21:30 – 01:00) Dancefloor open, barefoot free expression dance 

🔵Infinite Creativity🔵
🔘(20:00 – 21:00) Indian Raga’s with Arman Armani
🔘(21:00 – 22:00) Mantra’s
🔘(22:00 – 23:30) Jam Session

🟣On the Move🟣 
🔘Flow – Arts
🔘Loving environment

⚪️The Garden⚪️
🔘(22:00 – 00:00) Firepit + Fireflow

☀️ Beach Bar ☀️
🔘Healthy Vegan home baked snacks by “Mieks Cakes”
🔘Homemade Lemonades and Ginger Ale
🔘Chai Tea

📌 Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6
💰 Fee: €12,50 (if not able to pay, send a message to: +31 6 4153 5855


So why would you want to come to this party? Well, there is all kinds of things to do, you can eat, meet, dance, sing, play games, play music and relax. But that’s just the practical side. Speaking from my heart I just invite you to join the amazing high energy we create here. The Sangha Spirit is that everyone is welcome to express themselves freely, safely and authentic! If this is the attitude we hold towards each other we may drop our masks and have deeper connection and inspiring conversations. This translates to the dance floor aswel! So come and dance as free as you can!

Don’t like dancing that much? No problem, lot’s of other ways to find your flow at this party!
See you <3

Acts & Activities

Dream-Walkers: Bridging Fantasy & Reality by Joshua Ludy Experiences

Are you ready to be taken on a journey? Joshua and Ioannis will take you by the hand and together we will dive into a co-created story world. Immerse yourself into the realms of embodied imagination and soothe yourself in the warmth of what it is like to be within a tribe of creative down-to-earth space travelers. During this kick-off workshop, you will enter the story of infinite impossibilities with all the nuances and shapes of your character. Through tools from interactive story-telling and improv theatre, we will realise our collective fantasy and open up the gates of intrinsic creativity. Are you on board? Welcome is anyone who wants to enrich their creativity and bring their fantasy to life. This is the kick-off of a weekly series of gatherings of this kind. Meet your tribe.

Follow-up with location and info per Whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/LdpKxssdpFtDfUgh8MqR8y


The Three DeeJays

DJ Deinsing Bard
Flowing between mood and genres, he always manages to create a surprising, eclectic mix. Forgotten gems from dance history, obscure 80s hits and psychedelics come along in a through energetic mix and he likes to create a new mashup.

DJ Nirvanesque
Is an avid dancer and knows how to pick very danceable songs. His style is musical and friendly. With a creative and playful mix, he takes you on a journey through many cultures and genres. Sometimes a surprising foray into an awesome remix, dubstep, classical or even Dutch song, and that one humorous song will stay with you.

DJ RichieXL
Exotic rhythms, pop, jazz, 90’s dance, salsa and new hits come along in an always positive and light-hearted vibe. His style is technical but also sensual and warm.

Mandika Percussion
Our name is Mandinka Percussion and we play West African percussion with Western influences. We edited all the songs ourselves and gave them our own twist.
The band consists of Robert Krol, djembé and doundouns, Heleen Groen, djembé and doundouns, Chris van der Veen, also djembé and doundouns and Saskia Nieboer, doundouns.
We have been playing together for something like 25 years and when he is in the Netherlands we also perform with Adama Dramé, a multi-star percussionist from Burkina Faso.
Of course we hope that people will feel like dancing and let the various rhythms take us away.


Movement Flow Dance Intro
30 min to feel the effects natural high effects. Sophie will host a short Movement Flow workshop of 30 min (free). You will be guided through some exercises before the dance Jam. The reason why we do this is to connect with ourselves and the others. Together we create a safe dance environment, where you can get familiar by new faces you will share the dance floor with. Expect some proper warming up to increase you heartbeat, senses, spacial awareness and movement confidence, in order to enjoy the Jam to the max without feeling unprepared or uncomfortable within yourself. In these 30 min we will turn off the little voices in our heads and tune into our bodies. No experience required, just an exploring and curious attitude!

Arman Amari – Deep Essence with Indian Ragas
It is a workshop for the people who want to explore themselves more through music, so I make a space for them with basic music practices which are developing during the workshop. Flow will happen. We sing together and explore the ragas and share the feelings. Deep understanding of notes and rhythms and how they are connected to our daily life because our life is a song.

A musical simulation of life which gives us better perspective of ourselves. In short it is a intuitive practice which I don’t tell anybody what to do, but they will explore and music is a catalys and people experience their own path regardless of nationality, musical skills or education.

Live Concert: Mayna
I’m Mayna and I come from Brazil. I’m a songwriter and sometimes I like to sing my own songs. This concert will be one of these moments.

I’m a lot of things and sometimes I feel like I’m a lot of people. A bunch of feelings constantly brewing new ones. This concert will be an expression of what goes on deep inside my thoughts, my soul, myself.
An expression of my feelings, maybe your feelings too.

But I’m not only playing my songs. I’ll be doing a few covers I like too.

My musical influences are quite vast, varying from bossa-nova to blues, from rock to country and folk.
My own genre is non of them and all of them.
Did I make you at least a bit curious?

Mantra and Kirtan singing is an ecstatic form of music in which we dive into the mystic power of the divine names and let us carry ourselves with this vibration to deeper parts of our consciousness.

With singing Mantra’s and Kirtan we can  learn to develop a love relationship with the Divine. Among other tools, meditation and music are two of the main vehicles to develop this relationship! We welcome you to experience this with us.

🔘 To participate, one does not need to be a talented musician
🔘 If you want to join with your own mantra’s or bring an extra instrument. Talk to us beforehand or send a message
🔘 You are welcome to just come and listen, singing along is not obliged
🔘 There will be printed out papers with lyrics and chords
🔘 You are not obliged to stay for the whole session, you can leave early if you want!


SDSE Mayna
SDSE Story Ramon


February 25 @ 18:00
February 26 @ 01:00
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